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Lactation Support

Did you know many insurances cover lactation services?  You may be able to get up to 6 visits covered by your insurance at no cost to you! To find out if your Leche & Smiles,LLC visits are covered by your insurance plan simply- 

Request A Lactation Consultation | - The Lactation Network

Not covered through insurance?  Prices listed below are the cash pay prices and payment must be submitted prior to visit.

  • Prenatal Consultation office or virtual: Discuss vast topics to include previous medical history, pumps, and lactation goals (60 min.)  

       @ $100.00 / $85.00


  • In-Person hospital consult: Post-delivery lactation consult while still in the hospital. Get breastfeeding off on the right foot! (90 min.)

       @ $155.00

  • Virtual Initial Lactation Consultation: Review past and present medical assessments, discuss and troubleshoot breastfeeding issues via secure video link. (90 min.) 

         @ $120.00

         Follow-ups (60 min.): $85


  • Office Initial Lactation Consultation-Visit in office while we observe a feed, weigh infant, assess and perform oral exam, discuss and troubleshoot breastfeeding issues.  (90 min.)

        @ $175.00

         Follow-ups (60-90 min.):$150

  • Home Initial Lactation Consultation: Observe a feed, weigh infant, assess and perform oral exam, discuss and troubleshoot breastfeeding issues in the comfort of your home.  (90 min.) 

       @ $190.00

       Follow-ups (60-90 min.): $170​

  • ​Weighted feed: Feeding is going well but you want to find out exactly how much your little one is currently transferring? Feed infant and get weight checked in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces using medical grade scale.  *Recommended only after initial consult has been performed.          (35 min.)   

       @ $50.00

  • On-Call Lactation Support: Guidance navigating the first weeks to months postpartum. Questions conveniently answered. Unlimited text and weekly 30 min. virtual check in.

       @ $275.00 / per month 

  • Virtual Meet and Mingle - Meet/introduction via secure video link.                   (5-10 min.) 

        @ Free 

*Local Dallas, Georgia WIC and/or Medicaid recipients will be offered discounted rate upon contacting

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