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Before Your Appointment 

We are pleased to inform you that we have the capability to bill most plans from the following carriers and networks. This ensures a convenient and streamlined process for your healthcare coverage.

  • ✅ Aetna, proceed directly to booking calendar

  • ✅ Tricare, proceed directly to booking calendar

  • ✅ United Healthcare PPO/POS w/ “multiplan” logo

  • ✅ *Anthem PPO/POS—no FEP


  • ✅ *Cigna PPO/POS

  • ✅ *VA CCN (Veterans Administration Community Care Network)

  • ✅ *UMR PPO/POS w/ “multiplan” logo

  • ✅ *Multiplan logo on card regardless of carrier

  • ✅ *PNOA logo on card regardless of carrier

*If your plan or network is marked with an *asterisk above, please FILL OUT THIS FORM so our third party billing partner, The Lactation Network (TLN), can assess your benefits for lactation coverage.


  • ➡️ BCBS State Employee Plan

  • ➡️ Healthshare plans

  • ➡️ Medicaid

  • ➡️ BCBS FEP/Federal Employee Plan We are out of network, but with persistence on your part, reimbursement is possible: Please contact us at 770-569-3878 to discuss.

  • ➡️ Lactation Network disapproved plan

  • ➡️ Discounts available for WIC and Medicaid participants. 

Not covered through insurance?  Prices listed below are the self-pay prices:

  • Prenatal Consultation office or virtual:  Discuss essential information and guidance to help you feel confident and prepared for breastfeeding success. We'll discuss the benefits of breastfeeding, common challenges you may encounter, and strategies for establishing a strong breastfeeding relationship with your baby from the very beginning. We'll address any questions or concerns you may have, discuss proper latch and positioning techniques, and provide practical tips for overcoming potential obstacles and more!  (60 min.) $125.00 


  • In-Person hospital consult: Post-delivery lactation consult while still in the hospital. Get breastfeeding off on the right foot! *Cash Pay Only* (90 min.) $250.00​

  • Virtual Initial Lactation Consultation: Review past and present medical assessments, discuss and troubleshoot breastfeeding issues via secure video link.  During the virtual session, get comprehensive guidance on breastfeeding techniques, latch, positioning, and more. We'll observe feeding sessions, offer practical tips, and troubleshoot any challenges you're facing, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. (90 min.$125.00

         Follow-ups (60 min.): $100.00


  • Office Initial Lactation Consultation: Observe a feed, weigh infant, assess and perform oral exam, discuss and troubleshoot breastfeeding issues.  A comprehensive assessment of your breastfeeding journey. Discuss concerns you may have, and assess both you and your baby’s latch, positioning, pumping, and overall breastfeeding experience. Addressing any challenges you may be facing, and offer practical solutions tailored to your individual needs. (90 min.) $185.00

         Follow-ups (60-90 min.):$160

  • Home Initial Lactation Consultation: Observe a feed, weigh infant, assess and perform oral exam, discuss and troubleshoot breastfeeding issues. Conduct a thorough assessment of your breastfeeding journey, taking into consideration your unique environment and challenges. We will offer guidance on proper latch and positioning, observe feeding sessions firsthand, pumping,  and provide tips for overcoming obstacles you may be encountering.  (90 min.) $215.00

         Follow-ups (60-90 min.): $200.00

  • ​Weighted feed: Feeding is going well but you want to find out exactly how much your little one is currently transferring? Feed infant and get weight checked in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces using medical grade scale. *Recommended only after initial consult has been performed. (35 min.) $50.00

  • Breast Pump Testing: Simply need to test your pump? Bring your pump into our office for an evaluation of your breast pumps performance. Using a professional pressure gauge we can ensure your pump is operating at optimal efficiency. (15 min.) $15.00

  • On-Call Lactation Support: Guidance navigating the first 3 months postpartum. Questions conveniently answered. Unlimited text and weekly 30 min. virtual check in. $450.00 / per month 

  • Virtual Meet and Mingle: Meet/introduction via secure video link. (5-10 min.) Free 

*Local Paulding County Georgia WIC and/or Medicaid recipients will be offered discounted rate upon calling 770-569-3878

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