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Milk Donations 

Metro Atlanta Mothers Milk Alliance (M.A.M.M.A)

Welcome to Metro Atlanta Mother's Milk Alliance (MAMMA), your trusted resource for a safer milk sharing option. 


In our commitment to service, compassion, and collaboration, MAMMA is dedicated to supporting our community. Unlike traditional milk banks, we do not compensate donors for their milk, nor do we charge recipient families for the milk they receive. 


At MAMMA, we prioritize safety and ethics, following stringent screening protocols similar to those used by milk banks. However, we are not a milk bank. Donated milk is tracked using concealed donor numbers, to ensure correct handling and  monitoring.


One key distinction of our alliance is in the processing of donated milk. While milk banks pasteurize donated milk onsite, at MAMMA, recipient families are responsible for pasteurizing the milk once they take it home.


Whether you're interested in donating milk or seeking support as a recipient, select Metro Atlanta Mother's Milk Alliance to connect. We are here to make the process safer and as stress-free as possible. Join us in fostering a healthier community through safe milk sharing practices.

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